Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Uzaki sketchbook part 3

Uzaki production logo design final

random sketches

Intuosboy??? or Intuosbunny???

umm i did some random sketch about uzaki again .... i was thinkin about the idea character style. hehe.... learn from the drawing "adventure time", this is very good to learn about the character study XDD. I really love to draw them hehe...

here is the Uzaki production animation WIP >>>
i still need to find the sound effect, it's hard to find on the web ....

Right now i was damn wasting time to do on his assignment??? and why dont he do by himself... fck him, i feel not good in doing that and my laptop is lagging again... cant do very big resolution wuu~~~ i miss my dekstop at KL TT 3 TT

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

scuba Sipadan tshirt

sketch on the scuba tshirt design

this is the first sketch on rough

this is where i make on the painting

close view detail

fully in painting of scuba

i feel its pretty bad on the printing t-shirt on my painting, it's can't seem to be so clear on the image damn.... next time i would not to do on painting for t-shirt... prefer to do in 2D flash drawing ...

here about on it i did some the sketch and the painting too

Friday, April 16, 2010


phew~~~ i've just done the painting of the swimmer girl on Photoshop, i quite enjoy to paint with swimmer as well. I damn spent alot time to paint on that swimmer cause i have to check everything on the ref, which mean shall be same as on the ref everything. Thanks ALDO!! and the progress u can see how i progress on the swimmer painting, hope u like my work :D enjoy~~~

1. Sketch first with the ref and without trace
2. trying to put the simple colour with the mood( can pick the colour from the ref. )
3. trace and draw tidy outline on the sketch
4. start putting on the basic colour, and simple shading
5. adding the hair colour tidy and make more abit for face detail
6. shading the swimming hat and swimming glasser and make detail
7. shading the swimming cloth and erase on out of the painting tidy
8. adding the eyes and paint more detail
9. overpaint and make it more detail on the ref. as same as well.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sandakan Sketchbook

hello guys/gals, yesterday i just back from Sandakan to Semporna, it's very tired and bought so many foods and home-used around there, i think that place is quite abit big n far, not exactly with tawau maybe... i went to sandakan is for my father got to meet up with his old friend and see my brother being a N.S. at sandakan. So the sketches i drew at the chinese temple, it's really tall and high, but it's beautiful to see the see and landscape, and inside the temple was really nice sculpture, and the things really nice too. I didn't have my camera, i bring my sketchbook to draw on it, that's mean it captured haha... i just drew it in quick sketching, quite messy huh?!?!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Uzaki sketchbook part 2

T-Shirt Design sketch

scenes sketch for short-film animation

UZAKI logo design sketch

storyboarding on Uzaki production animation

random sketch idea

did some sketches few days ago, i was planning to make t-shirt design for my-self-production hehe... so what u think?? cute isn't?? hehe... other than that i did for the uzaki animation scenes, and i was thinking want to make a better production logo and animation, last time i made my logo production was too long but it's quite nice for me hahaha.... and other sketches i want to do it but i have no time to do on that TT 3 TT, hope i can finish up other works then i can do that sketch on painting hehehee....

Monday, April 5, 2010

Uzaki Vs Mr. Burn

Drew by me

Drew by Mario

i made the drawing on my story about "uzaki vs mr.burn", because they r best friends enemy. in the future i will make this for animation, not yet start to do it...i have other works to do so. Mario had made his drawing to fight back to uzaki, he did really fast haha... so wat u think of that??? who will win?? uzaki or mr.burn???

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Uzaki sketchbook

today the line is very bad like a deep of hell, i don know wat happen the line is running very slow when i open facebook, deviantart, n more..... except the blogger is stable to open orzz....

finally it's ONLINE!!!!! YESSSSSsss... problem is my mother plug wrong to the modem thats y i can't online damn....

Uzaki sketches!!! I would like to post on it then show what i draw the character and poster something

Friday, April 2, 2010

Swimming sexy girl WIP

I did the sketches for the portrait painting on the ref. given by Aldodark, he did very good on that painting.. wish i could do it better then. It's been spending alot time to draw on that, i feel really abit hard and the problem on the proportion and face. pls comment about the problem on my proportion and face, i think there have to fix up abit some hmm~~~

Photoshop CS2 + Intuos 4 (L)

SKetches up the ugly proportion

okay... here's again i post 3 sketches i did it last time for practice draw the anatomy and proportion, really bad i know TT 3 TT it so ugly, if u see there hav many full body drawing, i drew it on the web posemania 30 sec for fun :D

Thursday, April 1, 2010

hometown chinese temple

After dinner time, here's my sketch i did it when i at temple with my mother, father, family and their friends were having to write on the scroll for praying. Luckily i got bring sketch book to draw it haha.. boring...

If the green is going to be like this?

can u imagine if the green is going to be like this???? cutting all the tree to make such for the chair, house, table, n more.... for wasting the tree, world will going to be non-green all the countries.

this just a piece of sketch i did it few days ago, this point of view when i was transporting to my nearly hometown, i saw something like that, cause thats not actually to cut tree but the plants were getting old, so they need to cut it and replant on it, maybe i can see the plants were grown when im 50 years old HAhAHAaaa

hope u like it :D