Wednesday, December 8, 2010

i was trying to make Disney style drawing and the character ah... i failed to draw rapunzel :(((( too bad i don have disney style haha just a practice, yesterday i watch twice again the rapunzel... feel like want to draw it :3

Sunday, December 5, 2010

doodle sketches... so random :/

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Trip Penang and Cameron

ah!! its feeling so tired i went to penang and cameron, this is my very first time to went a trip with friends ya know! because i always unlucky didn't went a trip with friends, so lucky i have nice indonesian friends they can support, thats why i can think malaysia so suck, nothing they can do watever.

Penang is really great i can feel the way that different in KL, for my opinion penang is a very rich place and there have many of the old building such this place really old, and there have many rich ppl house around there wow i just can't imagine so many ppl were living there, also the apartment. really rich and more... so we went to find the hotel is very cheap, we can share with a share, we all have 10 people more something like that, so we use 4 rooms each have 2 beds, the room is good and okay, quite big but we only stay a room 3 people, wao... not enough bed to sleep haha... in that night, we went to go some place to walk and find food to eat dinner we were so starving, just random to find the restaurant which is my friend's choice. After dinner then we went to go eat again for supper, just like yamcha( tea break ).

In the next morning, we miss the breakfast in the hotel like buffet, so we wanna to go find breakfast to eat, we actually ate breakfast and lunch, to go to the place where is really old, this place like old town, been like a 50 years above something like that. so we ate cha kui tweo, and other some foods to eat, really good foods, and walk around here and there. thats the best part of my friend babi was so funny what had he feel that way of scary thing? I have no comment, just give a laugh. After eating, we went back to hotel and check out, i think they plan want to go to beach having fun and relax, feel like freedom. And i saw there place have Hard Rock Hotel, but we didn't go in, we were at outside saw that. After that trip, we were going back to KL to around bukit bintang had a dinner, looks like we are a family eating. After dinner, we head to way back to my hostel. We had a really great time to went to the trip.

Another trip, i was ready and prepare to go to the trip is Cameron Highland, but emergency and then suddenly not enough car for me cause somebody is not going, he feel tired i think. so they went to cameron already in the early morning, then i should have to rest better and save some money haha... before that night, my friend chat me in msn, suddenly he want to go cameron this night @_@, the plan suddenly change, so we are ready to go to the cameron in the night. I know that was dangerous but we are just lucky, never got accident before in the way to cameron. Cameron Highland is not that easy to go because the road, make me feel dizzy and i want to vomit, the road is like zip zap to the mountain, is not straight up. until we reach at the hotel, we just wanna to visit them and surprise them we are coming :D well, they didn't want to eat breakfast because the ticket we have very little, so me and some other to join to eat breakfast, its a buffet, i love it :D after that, we are gonna to check out and go to find some foods to eat for lunch because we are so hungry, and then we drove around and went to the strawberry garden, still okay for it. And we also went to the Teh Garden to buy something and take some photo too, actually we are late its because we can't go in to see the factor how they make tea but never mind, we can have another day and another time to come again ( maybe not :p ), after all, we're going to eat steamboat around the town, feeling really cold huh?>? i can't just believe they eat again and again, looks like pig you know hahaa.... after dinner and we are gonna to go back home and reach safely.

these day we are having so much fun to eat, play, talk, walk, and photo. this is my great moment with friends trip to penang and cameron highland ever.

PS. this is very late post my diary trip, sorry.