Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My first time Competition i won

oh dear, i forgot to mention to share my Gempak 100% fever multimedia competition, so what do you think i got the in the competition?? YEAH! i won in 1st prize, i was so surprise i didn't know why i was in the 1st place... well, my friend said because the animation is cool and the storyline has a point too.... so i do hope i can make more and better animation in the future :))) i made this animation really quite long time, most of the time i spent is STORY BOARDING.... its really difficult to make the shot and fighting, so i try to make something simple to do so i try to make in flash animation, cause i have my skill experience in flash animation and principle of animation. so far i really quite enjoy to do, somehow its really killing me and stress cause of the animation... during in production progress has been worked on 1 month maybe?? i don't remember.

  after that animation so i sent to the email of the competition almost last minute to send, so i hope they can accept me my animation to join the competition, until 3/4 months later, i got a mail and they said i've been selected in finalist, so im really shock just can't believe my animation has been selected. i don't believe im not always at the first place, or second or third.... during at the exhibition and at the stage, with all the competitors gathering and we sat on the chair for waiting the announcement from the host. so i was quite nervous because i was alone there, and waiting my friend coming to visit me. and i saw they put the prize and gift, and yes the glass prize!! oh shit, this is what i really want it :)) and some cash too.... i was sitting at there for the host speaking the name, so first i thought i was the 4th below the prize i won but i didn't got it until he spoke all the name already except me, so i don't believe i'm standing at the 3rd place, but is another competitor, and 2rd is also another competitor and the last 1st place is me!! just unbelievable and yeah give a smile and look at the photographer :p

so i got alot of prize from the competition i won, so i got RM3000 cash, and ODM watch, and Pictionary man, and UNO attack, and Altec speaking aroundly Rm100 something... and 3 dodoooolls, and last 1 is glass prize award :)) oh yes, with the certificate haha... too many right?  I'm not octopus has so many hand to carry on. so i got back up and my classmate can help me to carry so i do really hope and thanks to them for the help :)) 

so in the future, i hope i can make the better animation, right now i didn't have time to update whatever on my blog, currently i'm busy with my Final Year Project, its a 3D animation for my graduation work... still working on it, so i will upload my graduation work after i graduate :)) stay tune, cheer.