Friday, June 18, 2010

Singapore and Taiwan sketchbook

I would like to share with you my sketchbook i did during travel in Sinapore and Taiwan, have enjoy to see my sketch.

Cold war penguin

this is where i draw in the plane flight to singapore, the magazine book i read. some of the photo they put animals were really cute, my mind come out and want to try to draw the penguin as in soilder, interest idea hehe...

Singapore Tampines Shopping mall

Singapore Tampines Shopping mall

this is where i sketch around in the shopping mall when i got nothing to do when my mother was buying her thingy for an hour more maybe, i actually sit at top there, i look down and see what are they doing above the sketch i drew.

Taiwan taipei mingde Hospital outside view

Taiwan taipei mingde Hospital outside view

this is where my grandmother in the hospital had acident with her leg can't able to walk proper, thats why i had with my mother to go to taiwan and visit my grandma. It just like wasting time around at hospital, so i had sit out of the room and look around the city, that was so beautiful and im gonna to sketch it. I quite took it alot time to sketch something like this haha... but it really interest.

Taiwan taipei mingde Hospital random sketch around

this sketch is where the people were sleeping out there, i was trying to make it a quick sketch for practice, looks so messy i sketch it -.-" i didn't get any of my new style TT 3 TT just a very random sketch...

Taiwan School Girl sketch

hohoo... i really love taiwan school girl hahaha.... i dont mean to be like someone, especially the school uniform is really a good look, unlike malaysia uniform :P
taiwan school uniform for girl is really pretty they wear, shirt and skirt should be formal. shirt is white, skirt is black. and then shoes were not a normally shoes like malaysia shoes white colour, that is a black colour but i like it. Those the girls they can long hair, unlike my school is not allowed :(

at last... there only hav 7 sketches??!?!?!?!! fck man, i didn't sketch so much around there haha... so next time i will visit in taiwan and singapore again!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Singapore story


let's talk about singapore, the weather is same with malaysia. 1st day I came in singapore, I really quite happy to travel around singapore, its a great place. when we got in the house, my mother very like to clean the house when we came in the house, after we clean the house. we want to go out to have a dinner and buying something for house use and breakfast for tomorrow haha... really my first time go into the mall in singapore lol, it's really quite good n many many you can buy. just abit expensive with the singapore amount. The internet is different with malaysia, its really damn fast than malaysia line, for singapore line is need a phone then can use for online and for TV too, you can watch many channels as you want.

Pixar Exhibition in Singapore Science Center

2nd day, I love this day to go to Singapore Science Center to see Pixar Animation studio exhibition. This is GREAT and AWESOME all the drawing, sculpture, animation and more... this is really amazing to see those the project, its quite make me new inspired of the idea to do something new on my mind. I have bought an artbook is Pixar exhibition collection, really expensive to buy this book, the price is around SG$60. and also having a 3D cinema Toy Story movie. after all about the exhibition and movie, then we look around in the science center to play and see something weird and interest.

Singapore City wide view

Singapore Marche restaurant

Singapore City wide view 2

3rd day, My mother can bring to go around the place where's in the ancient and the pass time in singapore building and the lionsea too, so i took some photo around there, also we went in the Museum. After that, we going to the shopping mall at sunset, there have so many shop i have never seen before, it's quite interest on the stuff, but i really like it :D after the shopping then we dinner at the restourant is called "Marche" from Switzerland , its really good restourant to eat. The look is like outside market were selling the fruit, meat, and wat more. they design the market to become a restaurant. its quite interesting to see around there, it's like a buffet but when we get in the restaurant, they will give me the card for scan if you want to buy it for eat/drink lol... the card will count how many foods/drinks you had it. haha...

Singapore Universal Studio

4th day, wow~~ my mother just online book the ticket Universal studio, we just last minute to book it then quickly to go to sentosan. until we reached at sentosan, then quickly to find the universal studio then we get in. my mother just too exciting about Universal studio, so happy to see around there, because my mother had been to Hong Kong DisneyLand last year. there have 6 place in the universal studio such as New York, Madagascar, Far Far Away, Jurassic Park, The Mummy and Space future. all the places were so Amazing!! its almost same with the movie wow!! there have some modeler was posing with the famous star and the cartoon movie and more~~ that was so cool :D... some of the game still in maintain, means they havent yet finish up, so we have to wait until next year maybe.

5th day, we are so tired to go around in singapore, my legs just too tired to walk again haha... we should rest awhile at home then later we are going to nearly in the area Tampines Shopping mall, i just want to go there to watch movie, call "Shrek 4 After Forever", per ticket is SG$10 lol.. expensive right hehe... until night we fully buying stuff and foods, also finished dinner then went back home for packing, cause i gotta flight to malaysia... and i know some my friends at singapore, its hard for me to contact them becuase the fucking maxis didn't support in singapore line!! then i use my uncle phone to call, oh man... it's been a long time didn't hear them.. man, i miss them hahaha... im so glad to hear them, they are fine :)

6th day is our last day in singapore, we are gonna to flight to malaysia then we have to stay there 1 nite before we flight again to Taiwan. We stay 1 night at Mid valley Citihall hotel, so i can go around there to watch twice movies were "Iron man 2" and "Ip Man 2" lol the words almost same haha... this is a very good memory in singapore, I wish i could stay in singapore for working and study yeah~~ no more malaysia... lol

Taiwan story to be countinue

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Welcoming back to Hometown

Few days, i was getting sick when i got back from Taiwan to KK, because of the weather and condition is not suitable. Well, now i got alot of photos i took in singapore and taiwan, these countries were really interest and really good living at the place, in case the price just so expensive but i really love singapore and taiwan, unlike malaysia so nothing. Okay let's talk about Singapore where i've been discovered.

First day come in Singapore, i was really happy to come to singapore since i didn't travel for 10/11 years. It's fcking damn i need to go and travel oversea, to make my new feeling haha.. well, Im not staying in hotel actually i stay at my uncle house, around the area at Tampines. It's not a house we usually living, it's a condo. Singapore is really small but there have alot and really big place and many building and many more and more condo for people who living in singapore from oversea. Im telling you, it's really quite expensive to buy a unit in condo than malaysia price. the TV singapore channel is really great, better than Malaysia Astro channel. there hav more channels that you have never seen before, some channels were from other country. and there always hav subtitle for those people who can't hear, especially me XD.

to be continue...