Friday, February 24, 2012

another random quick painting

first image, just a very very quick drawing that i feel really bored i don't know what to draw :s just a random. and 2nd image i want to painted something that i really want to fly lol, then i used a bit reference from the random image that i painted and then stop there cause my somebody send me a message me and then say something to me about the girl and cindy, something high class, and something that ... i really waste my time to do that hard to get. so then told me that want to let me know, she is not into me. so i feel and i think, sound like we are in seriously conversation and that my friend care about me cause that my friend doesn't want me to get hurt over again and again... so told me that i have to move on, but i try so many times that i move and move again and again... maybe i will start to think which way i shall go, 1 is for going to get a new family life and bring my child's dream come true, another is going to be single for myself that show my respect and save my family that won't make them tired.... im an artist.. what to do?

and 1 quick painting with 1 hour -_- too long maybe? i just randomly draw it without thinking, well... no reference but i was bored and i don't know what to draw anyway.... :p

Thursday, February 23, 2012

a message from spam service

ahh... i really dislike when the random msg in my blackberry, i thought someone cindy reply me then i quickly go check it but at the end, its not her msg, that was a crap msg from the service -_-" how many times i wish she reply me and chat me :(

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bonne Saint Valentin

just done these 2 drawing at nite until 5am finish i can't believe this, so i prepare these silly drawing for everybody who is celebrated in valentine's day, for couple who you can do it very very easy in love thing, you can try tell anything make it funny to make her laugh and lovely. for those who is single, i know they are boring with this because they dont have lover, true love, girlfriend, got to be patient or not. well, you gotta go out meet someone else or maybe you can tell and ask from your friends. mostly how they meet the girl and boy is where you were study at the college, this is the best part in the college life, really fun through. cause you can always have a date n meet her everyday, somehow you feel bored and friend come along ask why, and they will give an intro and meet new friend with your friend. sometimes you have motivation and you got to move to her/him, that's mean you are DOING IT. well, i hope everybody have enjoy in valentine's day, BONNE SAINT VALENTIN ( french )

first picture, i drew for my friend she was in paris, so her fav cartoon is stitch, so i drew it and gave it to her as a gift

second picture, i drew this picture is the one i like the most is cindy, i just want to show my charm and wants to give her, but then i still don't know yet what is her answer. mostly she doesn't reply when i sent her msg, she just read and no replied, what am i waiting? or i will become FOREVER ALONE =)))

Sunday, February 12, 2012

beach practice painting

still the worst painting i ever had... omg... so terrible... i gotta practice more TT 3 TT, i always want to paint a beautiful tropic and beach but can't

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pom Pom Island

the day before the day and the day end the day and the day what...
oh yeah i mean the day why so fast to end like this??? i can't believe december and january end so fast... well, from my previous post i upload those GIF animated pic, i went to singapore to take some new inspired picture moving, so its quite interesting and inspired from other photographer made a pic moving. so i did for my own style. after singapore trip, and then january is the day i went back to my hometown, hot shit like hell, its too hot and sometimes quite boring staying there and sit like a BOSS haha.. well, some of my family come back to hometown for gathering together during chinese new year. below the picture GIF animated, i went to the another new island is called "pom pom island", heard my brother said pom pom island beautiful just the land but the underwater quite okay, so i want to take a trip and stay 1 nite at there. I went there with family except my parent, 6 people including me. The day we reached there is a very unlucky day cause of the weather not nice and its rainning whyy!!! so i took some of the pictures i saw something and interested then i try to edit some of the photo make it more interesting and beautiful. so umm ... and i did eat alot foods cause the meal for breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea break were BUFFET TIME!!! yeah i love BUFFET!! eat all you can, this is FREEEEEE!!! the house and room were quite nice too, feel so freedom standing at the beach and sand yeah, unfortunately i have not yet went for snorkeling cause of rain.. so next time will try to go there again or try stay another island such mabul, mataking, kapalai... shit, i havnt been to kapalai but i know it quite beautiful too :P