Saturday, June 18, 2011

3d model final progress

5 pose of the bald space force

rendering test of texture and bump

non-render view test

with render view test

its finally done for the rendering, each image will took alittle while and rotation will be took like 6 hours ++ wow! its completely crazy rendering... and the problem the pose wasnt good enough thought :( how sad i wonder it was cool and sad its not cool anymore... well, i leave it bald because i don need to do the hair cause its hard to render for the hair n also its hard to parent, so better don waste my time to make it before its too late to submit my work ... i took this model really quite long, model some part of the armor, and detailing painting on the texture and bump it automatically will come out the result looks realistic stuff. I hope it will get a good result for it, for sure!! don make me sad, im dying to making this fxcking hell!!! :( and im very very mad when im doing this 3d model, i hate the thing is keep "CRASHING" while im doing it.... that is holy shit like fxcking 3d :( not really happy to do in 3d thingy.... maybe my computer not enough super RAM :( very sad haha...

all done in maya and texture in photoshop

Sunday, June 12, 2011

3d model 4 ( WIP )

so far i done for the UV mapping for the head, hand and arm, cloth, glove and armor... too many to texture everything inside shit!! below the pic is going something wrong with the point come out purple point and colour, i don know why? trying to ask senior n classmate to solve it but can't maybe they don know how to solve this problem :-s so i have to go to school to show my lecturer the troubleshoot... well maybe he can solve it ... right now im doing the paint weight like blending for the bone move which looks something weird and fix it... i have to 1 by 1 every bone to fix the blending .... oh shit!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

3d model 3 (WIP)

not yet finish up the detailing of the armors... its kinda hard to make poly for some reason :/ i think it goona to be fed up lah!! !@$!#@%!@#$ its hard to make so many thing for the armor, i just follow up my character sheet like that, just too hard for me to make it @_@... well i will try to delete some part that not being to use.. its wasting time to make that .... well... i try my best to finish it up the model before i have to make rigging and texturing