Saturday, September 18, 2010

another doodle sketch

aiss........ too boring, damn i just realize it wrong on the date of semester break, this week is holiday right but i don think is a semester break until i check the module its written on week 7 ( this week ) is a semeter break!?!?! shit!!! no way!!! i got lot of things not yet finish at all!! AHHrrrr....... damn you!! I love to sleep so much much much~~~ hahaha... here i did some random doodle sketch.... really i got nothing to do and really long time i didnt touch my wacom :(

i still need to do my storyboard for animation music, and final colour design for MTV, and film writting research, bird flight animation,

Friday, September 10, 2010

Simple & Cute drawing

I did some really quick drawing with the cartoon style where I've learn from france cartoon style drawing... it's quite interesting i drew the cartoon, really fun and easy to draw. those the pics i drew just for my friends what have you been doing and how they look like, just i can memory the moments then i drew....