Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Hello, i will be going to SIngapore and Taiwan from Tomorrow!!! until next month 9th back to hometown, just done all the packing. So, tomorrow is started to flight to Singapore, i will be going to see the Pixar exhibition and IFS( maybe ) and other more to go... after 24th then flight back to KL stay 1 nite at Mid valley, after that we go again to the airport flight to Taiwan taipe. You know why i go taiwan? because my mother told me to go, cause my mother's mother leg got accident, she need go into operation so i've had to accompany with my mother go to see her. Just hope everything will be fine with her leg hopefully.

Anyway i can do many sketch have been seen and take many photo have been seen, i can do my best on it, and my DSLR Nikon Camera is Back yeah... so i can take more photo for practice hehehe... i just didn't touch my camera for a year or half year, so i gotta to take care my lovely camera.

and DA i will not in there for 3 weeks, i was weak to draw and painting.... i just need some book and my PC TT 3 TT... i really miss those my stuff wuu.... so i gotta to do something on it. hmmm.... when i got back here, i will upload some photo i took so you can see where i've been! dont miss it!!!